We Also Offer Dishwasher and Washing Machine Repair

 Aj Solutions Now LLC  – Greenwich, CT, 06831

Aj Solutions Now LLC is a company that offers a variety appliances repair services to the people of Greenwich, CT. We have been helping everyone whose appliances have malfunctioned for one reason or another, for over 10 years now. On this page, however, we want to tell you more about two of the main services we offer, which are dishwasher and washing machine repair. If you are interested to find out more about them, stay on here and just keep reading.

Whenever you notice that your dishwasher has become noisier, it’s leaking, won’t drain properly, smells bad, doesn’t fill with water, or doesn’t start, you should hire dishwasher repair experts like us. We, from Aj Solutions Now LLC, are able to find the source of all those issues as will as of many others that may occur. After doing that, we will explain to you what caused the problem and how we are going to repair it. If you agree that a repair will be the better way to go, we will roll up our sleeves and fix all the components that have failed and if necessary, change some of them with new ones.

The washing machine problems that may occur are quite similar to those of the dishwashers. Again, if the appliance is making loud noises, water is leaking, it won’t drain, fills too slowly or not at all, and if it’s vibrating too much, you need to get in touch with us. We will run some tests to see what caused the trouble and will suggest the right approaches to the issue. Finally, using special tools, a skilled technician from our company will fix the problems and change some parts if that’s needed too.


So whenever you need a washing machine repair or a dishwasher repair service and you are in Greenwich, CT, you should contact Aj Solutions Now LLC. We are the local experts who have what it takes to fix any problem in a timely and professional manner! Call (845) 803-5469 right away whenever you need our help!