Refrigerator Repair Tips


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One easy refrigerator repair is fixing cracked gaskets close to the refrigerator door. Without a tight gasket, electricity consumption will be wasted. Should your gasket is cracked and does not have to be replaced, then roll open the gasket, after which use silicone caulk on the inside of the gasket.

However, should you find the gasket does need replacing, then there are a few more steps you need to do. To begin with, you will need to order a new gasket for your refrigerator make and model. Gaskets are generally held in place with either a retainer strip or screws or in some cases both. You will need to roll back the gasket and loosen off the screws. Slip the gasket from beneath its retainer. Place the new gasket over the the retailer close to the door corners, then, slide it beneath the retainer. After which you should tighten the screws up, but, remember not to over tighten them, as they can crack the plastic door liners.

Refrigerator repair is harder when the appliance is not keeping food cold properly. A few ways to check if the refrigerator is maintaining its correct temperature is to place a thermometer on the middle shelf. This should read from 34 – 40 degrees Fahrenheit. If a thermostat adjustment does not rectify the problem, then your condenser coils or fan could be clogged or obstructed.

Often, determining what the problem is just half the battle. Refrigerator repair can be quite a daunting task and the problem could be worsened when it is not fixed properly. With most cases, when the condenser coils, fan, or compressor needs replacing, then you will need to call a professional appliance service. Sometimes, a replacement could be covered by your warranty and can be replaced by a skilled technician for free.

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