What It Takes to Become an Appliance Repair Service Technician


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There are 4 steps needed in order for one to become an appliance repair service technician, these are work experience, post-secondary training, applying for jobs, and completing the interview process. An appliance repairman will generally be responsible for evaluating, inspecting, and repairing various different appliances. The phase appliance basically refers to any machines which use electricity. A prime example of this will be refrigerator repair.

People that are mechanically minded, skilled at using various tools and enjoy working with their hands will be good candidates for this kind of work. Most states will have their own guidelines about who can be brought in to repair certain appliances, and restrict certain tasks to various different trades. An appliance repairman can usually find work in large appliance manufacturing companies, service departments, as part of a repair service, or can open their own business.

Post-secondary training is needed in order to become an appliance repairman. Appliance repair programs can be found in a wide range of community colleges. There are 2 choices to become a repairman, these are a 12 – 18-month college program or becoming an apprentice to a more skilled repair technician. To date there are no licensing requirements to work in this industry, but, employers do prefer to hire employees that are already fully trained.

Related work experience can also include working as an engine repair technician or in places that maintain and repair equipment. All of these positions will call for the usage of various tools, having good problem-solving skills and being manually dexterous. Customer service positions that create better social interaction, communication, and resolution skills, are also needed for this job.

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